Medicine Of Ancient China
China is the oldest civilization, numbering about 6 thousand years. For centuries, China has surprised Europe for its outstanding achievements and discoveries hundreds of years before Europeans, the Chinese invented…

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Herbs, plants
Nature helps Despite the fact that the Arsenal of medicine has been steadily updated with new effective and potent therapeutic drugs, there is growing interest in medicinal plants. Side effects,…

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Traditional medicine

The healing prayers and incantations no age – they are passed from generation to generation for centuries.

The healing prayers and incantations no authors – they are embodied in the words of Faith, and only Faith makes them miraculous.

In terms of excessive use of chemotherapy drugs, unpredictable consequences which threaten people’s health, we believe it appropriate to recall the old methods of traditional medicine based on the use of healing medicinal plants and home remedies available.

Drugs from medicinal plants have the advantage over chemical formulations. that when consumed in the human body received a whole complex of related biologically active substances.

Infusions, tinctures, decoctions, oils and ointments from vegetable raw materials of traditional medicine acting on the body is milder, better tolerated by patients, is much less likely to cause adverse allergic reactions.

It is also recognized and official medicine, and that is why medicinal herbal preparations are increasingly applied in complex treatment of the patient.

But as rightly advised by the author of the popular “book on folk medicine”, 3. Minigan: “to Start treatment of diseases of folk remedies it is necessary only after consultation with a physician familiar with medicinal plants” .

In persooneel treatment folk remedies and herbs when administered, the dosage reduced by half compared with the specified one. This is to ensure that the body is accustomed to this tool. From the second week if you can help translate at full dosage.

In the early days of the ingestion of decoctions, infusions and tinctures from medicinal herbs in some patients is a slight worsening of the disease. As I write our well-known experts-herbalists, to fear not, because there is a kind of fracture in the body in connection with the action of therapeutic drugs. But if the medication is obviously not helping, discontinue the course and use other methods and prescription of treatment.

There are contraindications, consult your doctor.