All kinds of alternative medicine
Today we will tell You what is alternative medicine Hello dear readers,today we will talk about what is alternative medicine! Let's talk about alternative medicine. What we know about her?…

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About Chinese folk medicine "Show me your tongue!" is that for thousands of years the first thing patients hear from doctors. And no wonder: the examination of language is one…

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Herbal tea

Passion elite varieties of foreign tea gradually comes to “no”, and more and more people begin to prefer herbal teas from plants that grow in Russia. Oregano, chamomile, mint, lime and many other plants allow you to get a gorgeous drink with a magical taste and a mouthwatering aroma. However, in addition to a huge pleasure from a pleasant drink, the use of this tea will bring invaluable health benefits. Depending on the composition, it can warm or cool the body, give energy early in the day and calm before bedtime, and to help in the treatment of most diseases.

However, not all teas with herbs are equally useful. When buying herbal, it is important to ensure that the manufacturer did not add artificial flavors or flavors, herbs gathered in ecologically clean regions and the shelf life of the herbal mixture is not coming to an end. Otherwise herbal tea may cause Allergy, or it should be thrown out because of unpleasant odor.

Why herbal tea you need to drink with caution?

Medicinal herbs in our country grows so many to choose favourite taste characteristics to the gathering of herbs will be easy. However, it is important to remember that, like any medicine, medicinal herbs have contraindications to the use.To drink tea with oregano or thyme should not in pregnancy, mint is considered a natural contraceptive and St John’s wort and solidcloud cause impotence. Hypertension and problems with blood vessels – contraindications for the use of drinks with the immortelle, and viburnum and birch leaves to brew is not recommended for those with kidney disease.

In spite of all contraindications, this drink made of herbs really can help in the treatment of many diseases. A visual example of this can be found in old monasteries, where treatments were applied the ancient recipe of tea from herbs.

The ancient recipe of the monastery of tea

According to monks, this tea helps to cope with many diseases, including chronic, to strengthen the immune system, to overcome the craving for Smoking and alcohol and just get an extra boost at any time of the day.

To brew a miracle drink, in equal parts to be mixed:

the bark of Oman (devetsil);


St. John’s wort;

dogrose berries.

To the mixture you can add a small amount of tea leaves of black or green tea to taste. All the ingredients for this tea is easy to find in your local pharmacy, but it is the combination of these herbs can do miracles with health.