Physiotherapy in Balashikha - electrophoresis, magnetotherapy, Darsonvalization, OCUF-therapy, UHF-therapy, the procedure for the nebulizer, SMV, SMT
Physiotherapy Physiotherapy is one of the oldest therapeutic and prophylactic areas of medicine that includes a variety of methods, such as laser, magnetic, ultrasound and electrotherapy. They allow you to…

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Herpes: treatment of folk remedies
Herpes is a disease whose main symptom is the eruption of blisters on the mucous membranes and skin. Herpes can be transmitted through unwashed hands, kissing, sharing eating utensils or…

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The cultivation of medicinal herbs | Business ideas

For some people it’s hard to constantly live in the metropolis. Bronchi, lungs, nervous system, heart come in a disastrous condition from being carcinogenic in the environment and under stress. For such people life in the country is shown as “drugs”. However, in the villages and towns there are practically no jobs. So to earn a livelihood outside of the city is quite difficult.

The way out can be developing their own business. While staying in the countryside is also possible to make good money. Although it is necessary to show sharpness. A good example of “rural business” is the cultivation of medicinal herbs. Of course, you can do a “gathering”. But collection of medicinal plants growing in the forest and in the meadow, may be the only means of livelihood, but the cultivation of certain herbs and shrubs will certainly be a good source of income.

What medicinal plants you can grow? First of all, among the “noble” medicinal herbs include ginseng and Siberian ginseng – the true sources of good health and vitality. However to grow these plants, in simple terms, is troublesome. For example, suitable for medical use ginseng root stanovitsya when the plant is 5-6 years. Not to mention that for growing ginseng must be strictly adhered to farming, he needs a special soil, etc. Quite whimsical and such plants as Ginkgo biloba, upland uterus (Rhodiola four-leaf) and Euphrasia. But with lofant Tibetan things are a little easier. Moreover, the medicinal properties has an aerial part of the plant, not the root. The scope of the plant is practically not inferior to the ginseng, although it is less known. Among the unpretentious home-grown herbs can also remember Valerian, a selection of mint and lemon balm, oregano.

Implement medicinal plants can be different. Of course, first and foremost, come to mind dried herbs for teas and decoctions. But you can also sell saplings, seedlings and seeds home herbs. In addition, herbs can be implemented in a nonstandard way – in the form of herbal pillows. In the composition for pillows, you can include Pets, meadow and forest herbs. A variety of variations, practically is not limited.