Animals that we treat
Today, biologists around the world agree that all the currently known animals have the ability to treat human ailments. To indicate this direction of treatment in the medical reference books…

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Physiotherapy in Abakan
Physiotherapy What is physiotherapy and how does it differ from therapy of medical? Physiotherapy is a medical field that specializes in the prevention and treatment of various diseases through effects…

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Methods of physiotherapy in osteoarthritis

Physical therapy is a big section of clinical medicine, in which different physical factors are used for the treatment and rehabilitation of patients. Physiotherapy methods are considered the most safe and are used both independently and in combination with other treatment modalities. These procedures have found wide application in the treatment of osteoarthritis and restore the health of patients. Methods of physiotherapy in osteoarthritis fit physical therapy and massage. and of physiotherapy – laser – and magnetotherapy, thermotherapy, cryotherapy and electrophoresis. A separate paragraph should highlight such new direction as homeosiniatry .

Physical therapy for osteoarthritis

Exercise with osteoarthritis was developed to strengthen muscles around affected joints and preserve the function of these joints by improving blood circulation in them. To do gymnastics you need in a lying or sitting position. The number of repetitions you need to build up gradually, don’t exercise through the pain. Sessions should be regular, 3-4 times a day for several minutes.

Here are some exercises that are used in the exercises in osteoarthritis of the hip joints :

Lying on your back, lift straightened in the knee joint of the leg, gradually increase the amplitude of the height, leading to maximum possible. It is desirable to hold the leg at altitude in a few seconds.

Lying on your back, bend your knees. In this position, raise legs to the side, and mix together.

Standing on one leg and his hand resting on the wall or chair back, do the other leg swings forward and back, adjusting the amplitude of movements to the maximum.

In the same position as in exercise No. 3, pull the leg out to the side, trying to keep the body straight.


With osteoarthritis of massage is useful in that it heats up the joints, improving their blood supply, relieves muscle spasms. In addition, it contributes to the production of joint fluid and has an analgesic effect. To achieve these goals, the doctor uses techniques of stroking, kneading, rubbing and tapping. During the procedure, use a normal massage oil or ointment that is prescribed to be rubbed in osteoarthritis of joints. Possible hand massage. and mechanical vibration. Classical medical massage is one of the services of the medical center of Grandlink .

Laser therapy

The light passes through the skin, effect of heat on the affected tissue and stimulates in them the processes of regeneration. Infrared laser has an analgesic effect on nerve endings, i.e., reduces their sensitivity, and helps to normalize blood circulation in the affected area. Most often this procedure is used if the patient has osteoarthritis of the spine, particularly the cervical or lumbar.

Care for skin at home
Natural, live cosmetics – cosmetics, which easily you can prepare yourself at home, using almost any natural products. It can be fruits, vegetables, berries, dairy products, honey, cosmetic clay, herbs…

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Folk remedies of treatment of adenoma and prostatitis
First, some numbers: Up to 90 % of patients in Germany and Austria, for the first time have applied for initial or mild symptoms of disorders of urination associated with…