Mariano SÁNCHEZ IN the world all the tremendous success enjoyed by unique mountain wizards of Bolivia, an appointment to which thousands of tourists from America and Europe. Actual wizards called…

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Healers are healers and sheptone
Every people knows that the witch doctor is a healer . with a rare knowledge, a special power and gift. The healer heals with herbs and has a special books-manuals…

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The benefits and harms of dates

The benefits and harms of dates served as the inspiration for many tales and myths on this topic.

In ancient times dates were fixed even interesting name – “bread of the desert”. Fresh dates contain about 80% carbohydrates. And all of this is digestible by the body fructose, glucose and sucrose.

Fats in dates a very small amount. But there are copper, magnesium, iron, zinc, cadmium, and many other compounds, such as fluoride, which protects the person from diseases associated with the oral cavity, and selenium that are beneficial to the human immune system. Also in dates is as much as 23 amino acids, which are rare to find in other fruits.

Dates are very high-calorie product. Within the fruit contains 23 calories. Nutritionists often recommend eating dates, as, having eaten a small amount, we can stay full for a long period of time. Simultaneously, the organism will receive a huge amount of vitamins and compounds necessary for normal human life.

After Breakfast only a few fruits, you will help your body to strengthen your heart muscle and in stimulation of the brain.

Experts recommend to eat dates for pregnant and lactating women, because they contained special fibers help ukrepleniye, and the milk becomes more nutritious properties, becoming at the same time more intense.

Acid, which enter into the composition of fruits, produce positive effect on the digestive system, contributing to victory in the struggle with pathogenic bacteria. But what is particularly valuable is that they help keep the intestinal flora.

In order to avoid alcohol intoxication, should insist the dates in water during the day, and then eat the fruit and berry infusion derived.

However, along with useful properties of dates, they, like any other fruit, there are factors that are harmful to human health.

Substantial harm to the health dates can be useful to people suffering from diabetes. Because the dates are the sweet fruits, in which the composition contains approximately 66% of disaharidam.

When choosing dates you should definitely consider that they should be ripe, without confusing spots, mildew and rot, and also without the sugary crystals on the surface of the fruit.