Healers are healers and sheptone
Every people knows that the witch doctor is a healer . with a rare knowledge, a special power and gift. The healer heals with herbs and has a special books-manuals…

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The treatment of many diseases does not necessarily mean an abundance of medicines and complex medical procedures. Often the treatment is much more effective than physical therapy, the side effects…

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When traditional medicine is harmful

One of the most prominent trends of the present can be called the rejection of “chemistry”. People prefer tablets and the classical treatment of the infusions. Even skeptics, without realizing it, using folk methods of treatment. It is a well-known tea with lemon or jam during a cold, compresses for sciatica, pain in the throat. As they say modern scientists, in folk medicine a storehouse of knowledge, gathered over millennia of practice. But we should not overreact and to self-medicate or turn to pseudo-experts, especially when you are doing breast-feeding . Not all treatments are equally effective and safe – it all depends on the specifics of the case, the individual characteristics of the organism.

For example, why RUB the oil and drink herbal tea if the patient suffers from cancer. Time will be irretrievably lost. Let’s dispense with the myths of folk medicine. The most common belief refers to the miraculous ability of kerosene to cure all diseases. Getting rid of lice, greasing of tonsils – the most popular recipes. However, the substance can cause burning of the throat, to provoke toxic bronchitis, burns of the scalp. Inhabitants consume Shilajit, speaking of postnichestve product of bees. We want to warn You: promoting vitality dangerous. The immune system gets used to the normal condition, then without Shilajit to fight infections. In addition, the biostimulant cause allergies and the growth of cancer cells. Many grandmothers believe that vegetable oil cleanses the liver. Be careful using the product. If You feel nausea, dizziness, abdominal pain, fever – are signs of hepatic colic due to excess fat. Rid yourself of the belief in the healing properties of hydrogen peroxide, when it comes to ingestion. Substance getting into the stomach, secretes the oxygen atom to which it is better not to contact.

Figs benefits and harms, how to choose, folk medicine treatment figs

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Methods of treatment of alopecia

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Drug dependence is too much spread literally around the world. Therefore, we actively developed new methods of treatment. Many of.

Facial mask out of berries
Mask for the face. Facial masks from berries A piece of gauze with cut out holes for eyes and mouth moisten pre-prepared juice or pulp from the berries, lightly squeezed…

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Medicine Of Ancient China
China is the oldest civilization, numbering about 6 thousand years. For centuries, China has surprised Europe for its outstanding achievements and discoveries hundreds of years before Europeans, the Chinese invented…