Traditional Chinese medicine to improve erection
The benefits of Oriental medicine If we talk about the quality and effectiveness of medicine, in a broad sense can be divided into Western and Eastern medicine. Products of Western…

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The cultivation of medicinal plants.
The main business ideas in agriculture relate primarily to the cultivation of plants and the production of a product: for example, sunflower oil, flowers and other. But few people use…

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Care for skin at home

Natural, live cosmetics – cosmetics, which easily you can prepare yourself at home, using almost any natural products. It can be fruits, vegetables, berries, dairy products, honey, cosmetic clay, herbs and many more from which you can make facial masks . homemade scrubs and lotions and tonics for extra cleansing.

In order to prepare mask, or other means homemade cosmetics, you do not have to deliberately go out to buy the necessary components ingredients. Huge selection of different recipes will allow you to choose the most suitable products for cooking which are probably already in your home.

Face masks

If you compare the masks and creams, then using the first, is even more intense enriching the skin with oxygen, vitamins, and other moisturizing, nourishing and useful substances. People’s masks possess quite a quick tonic, refreshing, purifying, drying, or moisturizing effect and help as soon as possible to smooth out wrinkles, get rid of acne and many other skin imperfections.

Homemade facial masks otlichitelnye advantages, such as availability and economy. And in many cases, their use gives much better results than the use of expensive cosmetic products.

Not the secret that at all times, women attached great importance to their appearance, and tried to pay great attention to skin care face. For the treatment of diseases of the skin, and correcting its defects, we developed a variety of cosmetic products.

Undoubtedly, we all want to look good, but unfortunately not all of us would have enough money for regular visits to beauty salons and buy expensive cosmetic products. But both want to always be beautiful, in spite of everything!

In from here and come to the aid of homemade facial masks, homemade scrubs, tonics and lotions, which play a significant role in more home care for skin.

Recipes masks

N e looking for a large selection of popular recipes of masks . do not forget about the individual approach to each person, which has the value of his / her skin type, age, and other factors. First you will need to determine your type of skin . and then, find the most suitable recipes for him.

Also recommended to become familiar with basic rules of applying home masks .

All kinds of alternative medicine
Today we will tell You what is alternative medicine Hello dear readers,today we will talk about what is alternative medicine! Let's talk about alternative medicine. What we know about her?…

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The way healers of ancient Chinese Folk recipes of folk medicine
The way healers of ancient China Many had the feeling a severe headache and went nowhere irritability. These are symptoms of hypertension, which, according to traditional Chinese medicine, in most…