The treatment of many diseases does not necessarily mean an abundance of medicines and complex medical procedures. Often the treatment is much more effective than physical therapy, the side effects…

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Traditional medicine
The healing prayers and incantations no age – they are passed from generation to generation for centuries. The healing prayers and incantations no authors – they are embodied in the…

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Decoctions of herbs for hair

The natural power of many plants can give to our hair health and beauty. For several centuries, folk healers kept the beauty recipes based on herbs. Modern beauty use decoctions of herbs for hair today.

Tincture of aloe for hair growth . Cut off the bottom few leaves of aloe (aloe), squeeze the juice from them. Add in the juice the same quantity of alcohol or vodka. RUB the infusion into the scalp 3-4 times a week. You can buy ready-made tincture of aloe at the pharmacy. For a stronger effect it is recommended to cover your head with polyethylene and put on a hat. The tool is effective for hair loss, eliminates dandruff. Store tincture in a cool dark place.

Mother-and-stepmother for hair . Mix dry leaves mother and stepmother with nettle leaves in equal amounts, cover with water and boil on a water bath for 20 minutes. Obtained broth rinse the head after washing 2 times a week.

Decoction of calendula . Take a tablespoon of dry powdered herb of calendula, chamomile, hop cones. Boil the mixture of herbs in a Cup of boiling water. RUB the resulting collection of herbs for hair in the scalp through the day. Do not rinse.

The oil of nettle for hair growth . Chopped fresh or dried nettle leaves (3 tablespoons) pour 150 ml of warm vegetable oil. Place nettle oil in a glass bowl and octaviana 7 days in a dark place. RUB the oil into the hair roots 1 hour before washing hair. The tool enhances hair growth, treats split ends, dandruff. A mask with nettle improves hair growth, remove dandruff, prevent premature graying.

The tops of carrots . Carrot tops should not be thrown, cook from it and use the decoction for rinsing hair. Hair growth will increase.

Herbs for hair loss

Burdock root (cocklebur) . Prepare a decoction of burdock roots (a table spoon of minced raw per Cup of boiling water). To enhance the effect, you can add in the broth a tablespoon of hop cones and marigold flowers. Before use it is recommended to add the broth in 10 ml. of burdock oil. RUB the mixture into hair roots 2 times a week during the month. Hair masks from burdock is very effective in hair loss.

The common ivy . Brew 1 tablespoon of dry herbs in two cups of boiling water, simmer for 10 minutes. The broth cool, strain and massage into the hair roots daily for two weeks.

Yarrow . Prepare a decoction of 2 tablespoons of herbs 2 cups of water. Allow to cool, strain. RUB into the scalp every day.