The cultivation of medicinal herbs | Business ideas
For some people it's hard to constantly live in the metropolis. Bronchi, lungs, nervous system, heart come in a disastrous condition from being carcinogenic in the environment and under stress.…

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Traditional medicine
The healing prayers and incantations no age – they are passed from generation to generation for centuries. The healing prayers and incantations no authors – they are embodied in the…

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Medical gymnastics from China

Many doctors from China and suggest that you resort to in the treatment of various diseases is the traditional medicines . i.e. gymnastics. In their opinion, the person who performs physiotherapy regularly, thus providing your body great digestion, helps normalize blood movement, and simply warns of the disease. You need to constantly be in motion, which has a positive impact on the functioning and the organism as a whole. It is also widely believed in China that during the therapeutic and gymnastic exercises the body begins to breathe deeper and thus remove from his body all the old updates new qualities.

Special honor should be given to the Chinese population that appreciates morning gymnastics and gymnastics . held in the middle of the day.

Types of medical gymnastics there are several types, but stands out among this diversity, it is the national gymnastics .

During the therapeutic and gymnastic exercises prerequisite is the concentration on what your body executes at one time or another, as thoughts, distractions on a number of issues that will not bring positive.

A great impact of therapeutic exercise in the fresh air at any time, tolacoste sports should be appropriate for the season.

But the procedure of l uchebnoi gymnastics is not as simple as it seems at first glance. Before starting the exercises you should lead a state of mind in a calm state. Such conditions can be achieved by way of the rest with half-closed eyes, thinking about the pleasant moments of your life. And only after the soul becomes quiet and clear, will be attractive the whole external world for You, then you need to proceed in the execution of therapeutic exercises.

For example, Chinese gymnastics tai Chi can not only perform the function of healing, but also to prolong youth and life for many years.

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The history of use of Shilajit as medicines in Iran, Arabia, India, Central Asia, China, Tibet and other Eastern countries has more than three thousand years. Action spectrum of natural…

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Medicine Of Ancient China
China is the oldest civilization, numbering about 6 thousand years. For centuries, China has surprised Europe for its outstanding achievements and discoveries hundreds of years before Europeans, the Chinese invented…