Medical gymnastics from China
Many doctors from China and suggest that you resort to in the treatment of various diseases is the traditional medicines . i.e. gymnastics. In their opinion, the person who performs…

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Alternative medicine
Our century is considered the century of modernity, discovery and good living. In terms of medicine we have made great progress. Treated a huge number of diseases that were previously…

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Healing – a gift or a curse?

In recent years, from different shelters crawled out of various magicians, sorcerers, clairvoyants and healers. Each of these people sure in their uniqueness and tries to convince the others. People who are easily indoctrinated, influenced, glorify these charlatans and it allows people to stay afloat. Every self-respecting healer and a psychic comes up with some kind of legend or history, by which he got his magical gift. Check out these stories almost no one will, and in the case of exposing such craftsmen always come out unscathed. However, because of these masters in real healers and psychics drops a huge shadow, which provokes an ambiguous attitude to such people.

If attentively to peer deep into the history, it appears that healers and psychics actually exist. Just not as much as it is trying to show us the media. In addition, such a gift is often passed from generation to generation or in a few lines. As a rule, the elders in the family teach young people, but sometimes they are separated by large distances, making it difficult to transfer the gift. In such cases, the person feels an unusual strength, but does not know how to implement it. He has to pass a difficult path of trial and error, misunderstanding of family and the search for truth. Often it takes many years, which strongly inhibits human. However, in rezultatnyh experiences one begins to understand the true nature of what is happening. After that there is the acceptance of a gift or its negation. If a person tries to escape the fate, be severely punished in the form of diseases and mishaps. When the gift is accepted, it must be used wisely. Mindless bragging may lead to depletion or loss of a gift that later will have a negative impact on the psyche.

Special attention should be paid to the ability to heal people. Someone just eases the suffering with a strong energy, shares it, others affect the body by incantations and herbs. Only regardless of the type of impact these healers help people simply because they have to do it. They help from the heart, so I can accept thanks in the form of money or products, but such people will never establish a fee. They just know who really needs help, and who do not need it. Probably due to the unselfishness and integrity of the real healers are forced into hiding, but the charlatans that turn healing into a business, in every way,