Folk remedies of treatment of adenoma and prostatitis
First, some numbers: Up to 90 % of patients in Germany and Austria, for the first time have applied for initial or mild symptoms of disorders of urination associated with…

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Decoctions of herbs for hair
The natural power of many plants can give to our hair health and beauty. For several centuries, folk healers kept the beauty recipes based on herbs. Modern beauty use decoctions…

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Physiotherapy in Balashikha – electrophoresis, magnetotherapy, Darsonvalization, OCUF-therapy, UHF-therapy, the procedure for the nebulizer, SMV, SMT


Physiotherapy is one of the oldest therapeutic and prophylactic areas of medicine that includes a variety of methods, such as laser, magnetic, ultrasound and electrotherapy. They allow you to achieve the best effect in treating a plethora of diseases with minimal stress on the patient’s body. Altermedia offers comfortable and effective treatment, using the possibilities of physiotherapy, with maximum comfort for the patient.

The advantages of passing the physiotherapy at Altermedia

In our physiotherapy room atmosphere is positive and friendly atmosphere, and used methods of treatment most effective

Convenient location

A course of physical therapy requires regular clinic visits, which sometimes becomes a problem. Not everyone has the opportunity to spend a few hours on a trip to Moscow, standing in endless traffic jams. Altermedia conveniently located in the center of Balashikha. Until we are easily accessible by both car and public transport, thus saving time and money.

No queues

We try to provide our patients maximum comfort. Coming to Altermedia, you will not be faced with the need to wait for their turn surrounded by sick people. The doctor will see you at the appointed time and you will save your time and nerves.

New comfortable office

Recently we equipped a new physiotherapy room, which pleasantly and comfortably to be and the patient and the doctor.

The presence of unique devices

In Altermedia has all the modern and necessary equipment for the use of various methods of physiotherapy. It and laser, and multifunction electrotherapy device. As well as many other equipment, the efficiency of which is proved.

High qualification of the doctor

Admission is a qualified physiotherapist, with consideration of indications and contraindications will prescribe the necessary treatment.

A wide range of methods of physiotherapy in Altermedia

Physiotherapy is one of the safest methods of treatment to date. It can be used both independently and in conjunction with other treatments, significantly improving their efficiency.

In Altermedia we use all the advances in medicine, treatment and recovery of our patients.

Laser therapy for our patients