Physiotherapy in Zelenograd
In the clinic "DETSTVO PLUS" you can get the following types of physiotherapy: UHF inhalation, UFO, Electrophoresis, Magnetic therapy, Laser therapy, Electrosleep. Physioroom has modern high-tech equipment that enables the…

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Methods of physiotherapy in osteoarthritis
Physical therapy is a big section of clinical medicine, in which different physical factors are used for the treatment and rehabilitation of patients. Physiotherapy methods are considered the most safe…

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Folk remedies in the treatment of blood cancer

This cancer has been known since time immemorial, but it occurs much less frequently than now, because the environment was much cleaner, the stresses and impacts of various chemicals people were receiving much less. Now different types of cancer can be treated successfully, provided that the patient appealed to the doctor in the early stages of the disease. it and chemotherapy, and different surgical interventions.

Such methods still do not give an absolute guarantee of recovery, and many people turn to folk medicine, because it is – total years of experience of many people, accumulated during the existence of a particular disease.

He advises folk medicine

Although nowadays, because of the harmful effects on the environment, folk remedies were not as effective as before, and can’t completely replace the action of the medicine, but still significantly alleviate the condition of the patient, and often cure, can. Many recipes of treatment, unfortunately, lost because of the us rejection of folk medicine in the Soviet era, the mistrust of traditional healers now.

But, once the disease exist, and there are different ways of dealing with it, and have cured people who are happy to share the methods that helped them. Besides traditionality often very expensive and few patients can afford the treatment in full. Folk remedies are inexpensive and easy to manufacture and use and does not require any medical training and any additional skills, and that is another reason why people turn to them.

The set of methods of treatment

Leukemia (blood cancer)

Let’s talk about leukemia. i.e. cancer of the blood and its treatment of folk remedies. The cause of this disease may be genetics, and radiation, some chemicals. To recognize the disease is difficult, because the symptoms are very different. It may be loss of appetite, sudden weight loss, there are new spots on the skin, pain in joints and bones, bleeding for reasons unknown. Of course, the diagnosis set by the doctor, and it is impossible to delay, after all, the sooner to go to the doctor, the more likely it is to recover.

Treatment of blood cancer folk remedies