Beauty free: grandma's beauty recipes and health tools or expensive?
Feminine beauty is a great power, but it requires regular maintenance and, consequently, investment. I want to use grandmother's recipes for health and beauty and to feel the miraculous power…

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"Document of Baba Yaga" may get all Krasnoyarsk healers
So the officials themselves, has been dubbed the resolution that they are going to give non-traditional doctors. The Ministry of health is going to bring order to the market of…

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SPb herbs, buy herbs in bulk at the online shop Green Altai

Online herbal store

Company Altai Green offers only natural and organic natural healing remedies. Here are the plants collected in the field, undisturbed by industrial and radiation pollution. These Altai herbs growing on soil where no chemical fertilizers were blooming in the meadows, irrigated by the purest rain water.

Altai Green — online store of medicinal herbs, which absorbed the full force of nature.

People for millennia have studied nature, knows and passes down to their children and grandchildren homemade recipes tools that can successfully replace medications. And today you do not need to go to Altai, to collect rare plants for these recipes is to buy herbs this mountain area in Altai Green.

In our assortment there are herbs and other natural remedies (mumio, propolis, honey, oil stone and other), which can treat diseases:

cardiovascular and hematopoietic system;

endocrine glands (ductless);

Central and peripheral nervous system;

digestive tract;

the musculoskeletal system;

skin and mucous membranes;

the liver and gallbladder;

the genitourinary system.

Modern chelovechestvom to fly to other planets, to sink to the bottom of the oceans, to see molecules and faraway worlds. But for some reason many still prefer to buy herbs and make from them the necessary means and not to swallow pills. The explanation is simple — we can’t outdo nature. The plants contain the same medicinal chemical substances, which are now artificially synthesized. However, in grasses they are complemented by a number of beneficial compounds (vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and others), mitigating adverse effects and enhancing positive effects on the body. Therefore, the result from natural remedies are often superior to official pharmacotherapy.

Sale of medicinal herbs – the cause to which we dedicate all the time. Every plant collected during the period when his maximum healing effect. For those who buy herbs in bulk, vegetable raw materials are very important. We understand this and offer only proven products with impurities, dirt and mold, processed by special technology that retains medicinal value. Moreover, Altai Green you can buy herbs in St. Petersburg with discount, with different discounts. Here you will get real savings, so why pay more?

Look, choose, order. And if you have questions, we are always ready to answer them.