Traditional and alternative medicine. What to choose?
Contradictions between folk and traditional medicine appear more and more often. It so happened that the majority of Russians distrust of traditional methods of treatment. This is undoubtedly connected with…

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Alternative medicine
Our century is considered the century of modernity, discovery and good living. In terms of medicine we have made great progress. Treated a huge number of diseases that were previously…

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Mariano SÁNCHEZ IN the world all the tremendous success enjoyed by unique mountain wizards of Bolivia, an appointment to which thousands of tourists from America and Europe. Actual wizards called kalawalla or Gypsies of South America, because of their nomadic way of fate.

They were witch doctors under the tsars of the ancient Incas. And now they are treated for 80% of Bolivians. Tribe of vagrants always travels in Bolivia, Peru, Argentina, Chile, Panama and Ecuador.

Most often they move on foot through the tropical jungle and the highland plateau, proved to be excellent pathfinders that under no circumstances will not go astray. On the road to collect herbs calavia engaged and successful healing in that place where under no circumstances not seen a real doctor.

Expect them here every year, absolutely knowing when the doctor will arrive. However, now many calavia settle in cities where they have a permanent and wealthy clientele, and is now on treatment sessions crowded and tourists.

The reporter of the newspaper “globe and mail” Michelle Peterson, who suffers from several chronic illnesses, says as she appealed for help to one of such traditional healers. The journalist went to the famous La Paz witches market.

She’s got an appointment to calavia named Juan Mamani. First magician chewed a few Coca leaves.Then took them out of his mouth, crossed himself, put his hands to his stomach, took a deep breath and exhaled on a spread sheets in front of him.

Then he put on his glasses and began to understand what they say. Everything happened as on reception at the doctor. By the way, when Michelle did everything as said witch, she felt fully recovered.

Generally the services of wizards on a Bolivian witches market there are only a few American dollars, and attracts to me the crowds. Now doctors examined the herbs used calavia, and find in them the components to combat diseases such as AIDS.

So traditional healers are not only not persecuted and are not driven from the market, and even patronizing in every way, to preserve their unique community. Simultaneously, pharmaceutical companies have launched there active exploration in the hope of finding new natural remedies that have accumulated Bolivian healers for its centuries-long practice.