Physiotherapy in Zelenograd
In the clinic "DETSTVO PLUS" you can get the following types of physiotherapy: UHF inhalation, UFO, Electrophoresis, Magnetic therapy, Laser therapy, Electrosleep. Physioroom has modern high-tech equipment that enables the…

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Traditional and alternative medicine. What to choose?
Contradictions between folk and traditional medicine appear more and more often. It so happened that the majority of Russians distrust of traditional methods of treatment. This is undoubtedly connected with…

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Herpes: treatment of folk remedies

Herpes is a disease whose main symptom is the eruption of blisters on the mucous membranes and skin.

Herpes can be transmitted through unwashed hands, kissing, sharing eating utensils or towel.

After the virus enters the body, it enters the nerve plexus and stays there forever.

There are several types of herpes.

Genital herpes

Genital herpes is a type of herpes, the main feature of which is frequent recurrences. This type of herpes may be the first signal to the woman that she has pathology of the pelvic organs.

The bubbles are formed on the genital mucosa and therefore, this disease refers to venereal infections.

To avoid genital herpes, it is necessary to keep healthy, to eat right, to respect the day, to exercise, to stop Smoking and alcohol consumption, to observe personal hygiene and, of course, safety in sexual relations.

Typically, the physician accesses the patient is infected with genital herpes, prescribes a treatment, prescribe antiviral ointment, and to boost the immune system – multivitamins and restorative drugs.

In addition, you can refer to the treatment of folk remedies,which are many.

For example, one of the recipes. You need to prepare 1-2 onions, 2 teaspoons honey, 4 Antonov Apple, and 10 tablespoons of pumpkin juice. Onions and apples have to RUB on a grater and mix, add remaining ingredients, mix thoroughly until a homogeneous mass. You need to take orally 4 times a day for 1 tablespoon.

Herpes zoster

With herpes zoster there is a sharp headache, and after 3 days of rash appears vesicles on the skin, it is also possible tingling and numbness. This disease must be treated; otherwise you may suppuration, which may be accompanied by high fever and worsening General condition.

Now there are many medications which help to cope with herpes, including antiviral, analgesics, and vitamins that strengthen the immune system.

Bubbles that appear during the herpes can not be opened. They need to make the wet towel can help and baths with the addition of the starch, applying to the affected places of the ice.

Herpes on the lips: treatments

The most common and simple treatment for herpes on lips is fir oil. They need to lubricate the affected areas of the lips every 2 hours and always before bedtime. It is possible that after application will start burning, but it will not last long. You can also use propolis tincture, but after its application it is necessary to lubricate the skin calming cream with chamomile or calendula.