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The use of medicinal herbs in the bath

As you know, in the bath it is customary to whip people with birch brooms. It increases blood circulation, allows you to remove dead skin cells and stimulates new cell growth and is a great substitute for massage. However, this effect can be enhanced by using herbs.


Herbs in the bath can be used several ways, one of which is “typing” into the skin with a broom. It is known that many of our ancestors used wormwood for such purposes. This requires dried mugwort and grind a thick layer to scatter throughout the body. You can then whipping the man with a broom. Wormwood has a wonderful and healing effect for bruises, ulcers and wounds.

St. John’s wort

Also used in powdered form, scattered throughout the body. It is important not to forget about such things as the impact on birch twigs twigs of Hypericum. The essential oil of this plant have a positive effect for gout, and for the treatment of skin diseases and healing of minor wounds.


Field mint is one of the most useful plants. It is an excellent stimulator of brain activity, but also expands the Airways, making it indispensable for colds.Mint relieves swelling, headaches and AIDS digestion. After steaming in the bath with peppermint, try to avoid excessive eating.


Chamomile is the most popular remedy used in folk medicine because of its elegant set of essential oils and vitamins. Chamomile is a great antiseptic and has a calming effect. Brooms with chamomile is suitable for the treatment of skin diseases, poorly healing wounds and ulcers.


To the use of Valerian should be taken carefully, since not everyone refers to this plant positively. Specific aroma may influence depressing receptors on some people, so before using the stems of Valerian should ask the person whether he is against. Valerian helps to strengthen the cardio-vascular system and calms the nervous.

Herbal teas for the bath

Besides using herbs in the brooms, you can also prepare herbal teas for rinsing after parks. Here you are free to choose the herbs that suit your skin. Don’t limit yourself in the choice, just do not forget that some plants can be irritating. Try to avoid herbs with a strong flavor, choose a neutral scent so people in the steam room dizzy.

Good broths will give your skin all the healing properties of herbs, saturate it with vitamins and essential oils.