How useful Brazilian walnut
The fruit of the Brazil nut is most common in countries such as Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia, Venezuela, Peru and other South American countries. Oddly enough, but most of Brazil nut…

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The way healers of ancient Chinese Folk recipes of folk medicine
The way healers of ancient China Many had the feeling a severe headache and went nowhere irritability. These are symptoms of hypertension, which, according to traditional Chinese medicine, in most…

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Traditional and alternative medicine. What to choose?

Contradictions between folk and traditional medicine appear more and more often. It so happened that the majority of Russians distrust of traditional methods of treatment. This is undoubtedly connected with low quality of medical services in public (and also private) agencies.

The average Russian began to trust doctors much less, as doubts in their professionalism. Because of this more and more the population uses alternative medicine.

In the treatment of folk remedies, no pills should not be drunk, it is widely believed that they contain only chemicals that are harmful to health. Don’t need to comply with any of the modes, so objectionable to the patient. Should drink some kind of grass, which will help to get rid of all diseases.

As a rule, the disease after this healing herb continues to evolve. Can still happen the exacerbation and the patient’s condition worsens significantly. And then a careless patient recovers to a qualified medical doctor or it will be brought there by ambulance. So trust there every fortune-teller and sorceress.

Any doctor, praktikujushij the clinic or hospital, holds a diploma confirming the completion of an eight-year course of study in a higher educational institution, where he acquired knowledge in all areas of medicine, from the structure of the human body to the latest methods of treatment and diagnosis of diseases. During training constantly is the control of knowledge, so the teaching quality is quite high. Even if you got a “bad student”, used to pay for all tests and exams, as a rule, he is a long time in medicine is not delayed: it was his task only to get a diploma. In any case, the diploma is a guarantee of the qualifications of your doctor. As a healer, unless there is a guarantee, except for hearings and the recommendations of your distant acquaintances?

Gotta stop living in the stone age, gone are the days of sorcerers and shamans, it is time to seek the help of a modern and qualified service personnel. Modern medicine, though, and scares its weakest level in our country, but she, at least, is much closer to the world level than the dubious healers. You can recommend a healer from the village, not even completed primary school? He will prescribe the correct prescription, after consulting with the spirits? You are not afraid? A professional doctor will try to correctly diagnose and cure your disease and will achieve this success. Well, the best option is not to hurt. Be healthy!