Animals that we treat
Today, biologists around the world agree that all the currently known animals have the ability to treat human ailments. To indicate this direction of treatment in the medical reference books…

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When traditional medicine is harmful
One of the most prominent trends of the present can be called the rejection of "chemistry". People prefer tablets and the classical treatment of the infusions. Even skeptics, without realizing…

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Alternative medicine

Our century is considered the century of modernity, discovery and good living. In terms of medicine we have made great progress. Treated a huge number of diseases that were previously considered fatal. We have many drugs, it is possible to do various operations. And all this, of course, wonderful. But in ancient times too it was the medicine. Otherwise all the people died out. How are they treated? We tell the ancient sources, but often we don’t believe it, this is what we call “alternative medicine”.

Alternative medicine was founded on other principles and concepts. What it consisted of? First, people know that movement is life. They moved most of their time, thereby not allowing the body to stagnate. Their movement always made the blood move around the body and updated. Secondly, they are used as medicines only natural plants and herbs that impact positively on the man, because man is part of nature, though distinct and public. Thirdly, it was the realization that thoughts and words have a huge value and unprecedented power. They knew the idea or the word could materialize and lead either to recovery or to death.

Unfortunately now we do not believe this and believe a fairy tale. And it separates naladochnoe development and prevents the disclosure of all of the possibilities that we possess. It is easier to take a pill if you experience a headache, than to find the reason in yourself or in your life and fix it. But the pain is only an indicator of the problem. After all, if we porugese and disrupt the integrity of the skin, we immediately feel the pain, as indicator. And, in fact, it turns out that we this indicator is silenced tablet, it’s easier than to eliminate the cause.

But we know a huge number of cases where conventional medicine had sentenced to death, and nontraditional returned to life. However, these cases and in General the power of alternative medicine are not disclosed. This is, first of all, unprofitable. After all, how much money are people spending on pills and medication from which to become dependent. How much money is spent on glasses and lenses, but vision can be restored to a decent level in most people who are “toilets” on the nose. That is why alternative medicine is sneered and not taken seriously. Just because nobody needs it, so that people were able in most cases to restore health on their own.