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Herbs, plants
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Physiotherapy in Abakan


What is physiotherapy and how does it differ from therapy of medical?

Physiotherapy is a medical field that specializes in the prevention and treatment of various diseases through effects on the body physical factors. Among the natural means of influence may note the change of climatic conditions, mud and mineral water treatment. The artificial factors include laser and magnetic therapy, ultrasound therapy, electrophoresis, treatment with pulse currents, and medical massage.

Physical therapy may be part of a comprehensive therapy and can be the main treatment. Despite the seeming simplicity of physiotherapy this form of treatment very effective. Its distinctive feature is its absolute safety to human body, and painlessness.

The use of physiotherapeutic techniques in various medical fields

Physical therapy is a versatile treatment that allows you to provide additional therapeutic effects on the body as a whole, and locally on the lesions of the disease. Physiotherapy has proved its effectiveness in the treatment of diseases of different etiology.

Physiotherapy in orthopedische used to treat diseases of bones and joints, in the recovery period after injuries and operations.

Physiotherapy in dentistry accelerates rehabilitation after maxillo-facial surgery, reduces swelling, provides pain-relieving effect after conservative treatment.

Physiotherapy in gynecology is used in treatment of diseases of the reproductive system.

Physiotherapy in neurology is used to treat diseases of the Central nervous system and inflammation of peripheral nerves.

Physical therapy of ENT diseases allows you to remove edema of the mucosa and normalizes the activity of the immune system.

Physiotherapy has a number of contraindications that must be read before making a decision about the procedures.

Physiotherapy treatment in medical center “Physio-MED”

Medical centre “Physio-Med” offers its patients a consultation with a doctor-physiotherapist. Admission is a specialist of the highest qualification category. A treatment plan is made individually on the basis of data obtained during consultation and preliminary examination.

Treatment in the clinic is carried out with modern medical equipment. The effectiveness of therapy is provided by highly qualified staff and modern equipment. Preferring physiotherapy treatment at the clinic “Physio-MED”, you receive the unique medical treatment that is effective for any disorders in the body.

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