Healing – a gift or a curse?
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The use of medicinal herbs in the bath
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The way healers of ancient Chinese Folk recipes of folk medicine

The way healers of ancient China

Many had the feeling a severe headache and went nowhere irritability. These are symptoms of hypertension, which, according to traditional Chinese medicine, in most cases caused by the effect of “hot” liver is a direct consequence of excessive emotional experiences.

“Diseases of the upper half of the body should heal in bottom” is one of the axioms of traditional Chinese medicine.

In the middle of the sole of the foot the foot there is a point impact which helps to lower your blood pressure.

Twice a day — in the morning after waking and evening before going to sleep — get in bed and feel where the thumbs of both hands that point to stop any left or right leg. Massaging her alternately on both legs 100 times (it will take about a couple of minutes) in direction to the toe. Instead of fingers massage the soles of one foot can be heel another — again 100 times.

To prevent attacks hypertension traditional Chinese medicine also recommends massage of certain points of the head and neck. Palms massaging the surface of the head from the forehead to the crown. Expand outward and the palm side of the fingers RUB the points in the left and right ears. Then, moving to the base of the skull,massaging points on the back of his head and, without stopping the rotating motion, a lateral side of palm RUB the neck in the region of the carotid artery. Repeat the exercise 10-20 times (half a minute).

Both exercises can be performed in any order. That massage is done correctly, you will tell easy comfortable sensation in the head. The pressure will go down by 10-20 units, massage action lasts for 4-6 hours. To achieve a maximum therapeutic effect, a scalp massage can be performed at any time.

Despite the simplicity of these exercises that success will come only after persistent practice. To start massage best in combination with using drugs, the dose of which, in consultation with the treating doctor will gradually decrease.