Mariano SÁNCHEZ IN the world all the tremendous success enjoyed by unique mountain wizards of Bolivia, an appointment to which thousands of tourists from America and Europe. Actual wizards called…

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The use of medicinal herbs in the bath
As you know, in the bath it is customary to whip people with birch brooms. It increases blood circulation, allows you to remove dead skin cells and stimulates new cell…

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What is physical therapy?

Physiotherapy – treatment that uses a natural or artificial physical factors: the magnets, currents, ultraviolet light, ultrasound, exposure to air, heat, natural minerals….

Physical therapy is a beautiful combination of drug and surgical therapies, and are used for prevention of various diseases or as measures for the rehabilitation after various diseases.

The advantages of physical therapy are undeniable:


The minimum number of side effects;

Virtually no contraindications;

Compatible with other methods of treatment;

The ability to measure the load;

The ability to influence locally on the targeted area without affecting the others;

Deep penetration effect;

Stable therapeutic effect.

Depending on the form of physiotherapy, the body is physical, biological, chemical attack. During the procedure, there is a restoration and strengthening of the immune properties of the organism.

Physiotherapy treatment has a profound impact on the cellular and molecular level.

Physiotherapy Department “Open clinic”

In “Open clinic” the doctors are highly qualified specialists who pick up the individual scheme of treatment using Panyarachun capabilities of the physiotherapy Department.

The services that we offer:


Magnetic therapy;

Ultrasound therapy;


Thermal procedures;


Laser therapy;


Manual therapy;


The intensity, duration, the power of the impact will depend on the General condition of the patient, age, underlying disease, severity of clinical symptoms, severity. Physical therapist be sure to monitor a patient’s condition throughout the course of treatment.

Contraindications to physical therapy

Despite the fact that physical therapy is widespread, there are a number of contraindications:




Hypertension Iiist;

Severe hypotension;

Blood diseases;

Heart attack;

Atherosclerosis of cerebral vessels;

Mental illness;

Skin diseases in the place of the procedure;

Infectious diseases in the acute stage;

Endocrine diseases;

High temperature;

The presence of a pacemaker;

When pregnancy with caution.

The principle of manual therapy in “Open clinic”

Choosing physical therapy, our specialists have an impact not only on symptoms but on the cause of the disease;

The clinic uses a wide range of physiotherapeutic procedures, which are conducted by an experienced specialist of high qualification;

We achieve lasting results and sustained remission.