Healing – a gift or a curse?
In recent years, from different shelters crawled out of various magicians, sorcerers, clairvoyants and healers. Each of these people sure in their uniqueness and tries to convince the others. People…

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All kinds of alternative medicine
Today we will tell You what is alternative medicine Hello dear readers,today we will talk about what is alternative medicine! Let's talk about alternative medicine. What we know about her?…

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Medicine Of Ancient China

China is the oldest civilization, numbering about 6 thousand years. For centuries, China has surprised Europe for its outstanding achievements and discoveries hundreds of years before Europeans, the Chinese invented paper, compass and gunpowder. Chinese silk was famous in the world and was fabulously expensive.

Traditional Chinese medicine is unique because the thousands of years China was in isolation – the rulers of China did not recognize the foreign intervention. What are the methods of treatment, we took from ancient Chinese medicine?

Congee, anciently used as food by the Chinese. Rice slippery fluid lubricates the walls of the stomach, has beneficial effects on the digestive tract, reduces the risk of gastritis and ulcers of the stomach and intestines.

Especially popular in China soy products. The ancient Chinese did not drink cow’s milk, prepared butter and cheese. Animal fat is very harmful to the body because it contains a huge amount of “bad” cholesterol, from which the formation of atherosclerotic plaques. In China it is customary to drink milk and tofu – these products are made from soybeans. In China, the lowest number of strokes and heart attacks worldwide.

Green tea is a beverage that came to us from China, where it is drunk without sugar. Green tea has beneficial effects on organismului – it is a diuretic, rids the body of harmful toxins.

Acupuncture, or reflexology is borrowed from ancient Chinese medicine. The Chinese believe that all the elements are connected with the Universe, and the human body. They are connected by the meridians and form a five-pointed star. Currently, acupuncture is an official method of treatment in all major medical, in Europe and America. With acupuncture, many patients got rid of sometimes incurable diseases.

Acupuncture is a complex therapeutic techniques . based on the effects of physical factors on specific acupressure areas of the body – acupuncture points. For tissue in the area of acupuncture points characterized by increased blood and lymph circulation, active the absorption of oxygen and many other features.

Chinese sticks – famous feature of China. The Chinese believe that working with sticks trains the brain.

In addition, all Chinese, young and old, doing gymnastics.

Offer several exercises from which you want to start labor day.

Exercise # 1

Exercise should be performed standing, with his eyes closed.

Gently raise his hands at shoulder level. Smoothly arms out to the side, do this a few times, raise your hands above your head, push at the seams, fold on the belly and freeze for a few seconds.

Exercise # 2 — the Pose of herons

Standing on the left leg, bend your right knee, slightly lower the head, extend hands in the parties, slightly lower hands.