The center of Chinese and folk medicine "Latimeria"
About the hospital: Our clinic provides a very broad range of services: different diagnosis of traditional Chinese medicine (pulse, manual diagnosis), the doctors make examinations using ultrasound equipment and based…

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Medical gymnastics from China
Many doctors from China and suggest that you resort to in the treatment of various diseases is the traditional medicines . i.e. gymnastics. In their opinion, the person who performs…

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Healers are healers and sheptone

Every people knows that the witch doctor is a healer . with a rare knowledge, a special power and gift. The healer heals with herbs and has a special books-manuals that are enclosed all the wisdom of their craft. This so-called “herbalists”, “manual” or “flower beds”. The medicine men collect herbs, and then prepare from them a special drug that cures various ailments and diseases. After all, only healers know what grass is, what ailments it helps. They know, for example, that wormwood relieves fever and fever, and St. John’s wort need to give those who are “suffering the stomach”.

Healers heal everyone: child, adult, and livestock or poultry. Those who are treating animals, kindly called “Konovalov.” But not only horses and cows free from various diseases folk healers. They don’t refuse and people. They also removed the damage in all its guises: the evil eye, the slander, the spell. Sometimes just helping with good advice.

Live healers on the edge of the village in a small clean house. Housing all of them full of herbs, twigs, bundles of mushrooms and bunches of dried berries. Here they can and guests to take, and treat. From people healers not hiding, but create around themselves mysterious halo, worrying and scaring people. Most often, the sense of deep mystery occurs when the witch doctor begins to whisper to pronounce strange words, making it confusing for the patient gestures or baptizing him. However, all these movements need only to spoken words was reinforced, and the disease is quickly gone.

Loomed from diseases and septune, in other words, a healer, a midwife or woman. Septune can “roll out to the egg”, whispering their old plots over horoshim. They, like the healers, spoke from damage, bristles, remove Presho, to help cure the longing for the beloved threw. Satunya cope where you will not be able to help witch doctor: takes birth, cures female trouble. So the midwife women are more likely to call for help.

For secrecy, the unusual methods of healing, healers and sheptone people, although respected, but considered witches and sorcerers. Say, are they directly related to the “unclean”. But healers and not trying to dispel the doubts of the people. After all, human ignorance creates a full confession and worship.

Unlike sorcerers, hunted by love spells, witch doctors and sheptone try to remove these evil ailments, reading like prayer, incantations, always turned to God. For their craft they do not take money. Believe that will bring people, and should