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In Kazakhstan folk healers prescribed to patients poisonous Aconite

Almaty, 3 June. In Almaty in the toxicology Department do the victims of the decoction treatment on the basis of prohibited Aconite. This plant is known as Djungarian or Issyk-Kul root. The correspondent of TV channel “MIR 24” Maya Tenizbaeva went in search of a medicinal poison, found him on the market.

“Miracle potion” – so called Aconite sellers in the market. However, it is one of the most poisonous plants in the family Ranunculaceae. So, knowing this, and sell them under the counter.

Tincture of Aconite from merchants is $ 10, and a bag of dried roots of this plant can be bought for six. Next instruction – cures all ailments.

Annually from this “self-medication” die dozens of people. Since the beginning of the year in Almaty registered five cases of poisoning by Aconite, one fatal.

A branch of toxicology of City hospital emergency care Almaty Gulmira Toybaeva, said that the symptoms of poisoning in the first place, is a feeling of numbness of the oral mucosa and tongue. Then the numbness spreads to the whole body, repeated vomiting. And if not the timely medical help, it will cause cardiac arrest.

Aconite grows in the foothills of the Alatau mountains. Experts do not deny: the drugs based on it have analgesic and antibakterialnuyu. However, scientific medicine has long abandoned the use of Aconite. Because of the difficulty of dosing and unpredictable allergic reactions. But in folk medicine, the king-the grass is used widely.

“This plant is not new. German Pharmacopoeia in the last century it is mentioned in the list of most poisonous plants. Moreover the dosage that is specified, strikes with its dimensions – it is literally a ten thousandth fraction of a gram. At home no one is able to do,” said the expert on medicinal plants Alexey Babiy.

Add, officially the sale of dangerous plants is prohibited. However, the collection and implementation of Aconite to control the police can’t. Why doctors advise not to self-medicate especially poisonous plants.